Keep Calm, Travel and Be Late.

I am late. I am late! For A Very Important Date! – The White Rabbit, Alice in Wonderland

During my first few days as expat, together with my fellow newcomers and future colleagues, we take the bus from the hotel to get to the Head Office. There’s this person, tall, very handsome and kind fellow who is always tardy, always coming to the bus few minutes late. One day, he was left behind by the bus because he was exceeded the 10-minute late waiting period – he was that late! Serves him right, I remember myself thinking. He may be nice, but he has no respect for other people’s time and nobody should be forced to wait for him while he takes his own time.

That day when he was left behind by the bus, going back to the hotel, he had so many stories about the new place where we’re in. He was able to get to know the environment, shops, routes and transportation mode. Seemed like he became famous instantly because he was the most knowledgeable person in our group about the local culture. Because he was late, because he didn’t rush, he opened himself to other experiences destined to happen.

I ended up marrying the guy. That same person is the Turknoy Dad. Yeah, first impression didn’t matter for us, just destiny (and the fact, that he was tall, very handsome and kind, like I emphasized.)

This is the same person who will wait last minute for the final boarding time before actually boarding the plane. The same person who’s name will be called because he is sometimes late, “Mr. Turknoy Dad, you are now requested to please proceed to Gate X. This is your final call.” Great, now everybody at the airport knows who his name, instant fame all over again. He didn’t have to wait at all nor look at the Gate number! See the good pattern here? The airport staff is assisting to make things happen for him , to catch his flight.

This is the same person who will keep still and calm looking at magnificent view for hours, savoring every moment of solitude, who doesn’t need to meditate because he is subconsciously meditating.

This is the same person who will hang out with his wife (me, I am the lucky Turknoy Mum!) for hours and days (prekids time) without checking his phone or getting bored staring at my face, just listening to what I have to say. Gently talking, gently loving me in his calm, awesome ways.

This is the same person who travel with kids patiently waiting for tantrums to end, for wife’s hormones to subside, for certain activities which kids like to do to be completed so that he can proceed with what he does best, exploring very minute of the new place we are in and enjoy!

It does help to be calm and late most of the time. When we stop and take a look at it, life is meant to be savored, not be hurried through.

His calm and non-hurried ways became our family’s way of travel and living. It is natural for Turknoy Dad which he luckily passed on to the children. The go-getter career woman in me is most of the struggling but as our travel goals roll out, I am getting there, one travel at time.

Yes, there are train, plane or bus schedule to catch. But we don’t have to be defined by these timings. There are greater energy in this world that gives pull and push towards our destiny, if only we let it.

look what this dad found while trekking with kids in Nagarkot, Nepal – hemp plantation! 🌱🌿🌴

The hurrier I go, the behinder I get! – The same White Rabbit, in the same classic story!

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