Qatar 6 : The Chemist Cafe 

“Ideas are like rabbits. You get a couple and learn how to handle them, and pretty soon you have a dozen.” – John Steinbeck

What a breaking bad idea for a Cafe 😊

We probably found the coolest cafe ever for our family  and it’s in Qatar! This is coming from a family who enjoyed a unicorn-cafe theme in Bangkok, Thailand and of course, way back when we were very naively wanting to conform as family, enjoyed Mickey Mouse Cafe and Disney Princesses Cafe! 

Ohh look at that very engaged scientist wannabee! Strawberry Mojito served with Dry Ice, who knows it could be such a hit concept!

Scratch all those cafes, The Chemist Cafe is, by far, the best for The Turknoys. It’s Breaking Bad style, kinda like the family style we advocate to live, minus the illegal laboratory, and more on breaking free with science and gung-ho positivity. 

Because every little lady needs a concoction! ❤️

Everything a girl needs to get a drink

Awesome hang out place discoveries like this in  the country where we are based, in between traveling in different countries, is something we celebrate like a breakthrough! There was a time in Qatar for our family that McDonalds offering breakfast menu was the headline in our blog. Seriously. 

Drink in a Beaker, if the reactions fit, why not?! ❤️ So long it’s pink!

It’s really amazing how the people in the country opens up to all wonderful, state of the art, top class innovating ideas. That’s what we think of The Chemist Cafe. It’ll be a nice home education brainstorming go to place . 👍

Life is good being The Chemist ❤️

What’s the coolest  Cafe you’ve been? We want to know different concepts. Do you have similar Chemist Cafe concept in your country? Do tell. 

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