COUNTRY 8: Switzerland – All of It!

“It’s tough to find a place not to like in Switzerland. “ – Michelle Bachman

Our same sentiments really.

Well, if you like Toblerone, you will really not find a Toblerone flavor that is not worth your while. It’s the same thing as Switzerland!

Turknoys love Toblerone

For our family, this is the most beautiful country, all the people included. When we first step at Zurich Central Station, we really looked for a film camera rolling. Everybody seemed to be so well dressed perfectly in their beautiful facial expressions. The women really looked like they just stepped out of Vogue and the men, GQ! Seriously.

Happiness !!!

And we voiced out loud our observation to each other and we came out of the conclusion that being ugly maybe illegal in Switzerland. That, or maybe when people are happy, everything looks perfect. And we were very blissful in Switzerland.

That Natural Bombastic Feeling, Yes!

We really didn’t get to see touristic sites or joined any activities for children. We mainly stroll in the neighborhood, ride the train back and forth, went to the supermarket and drooled over the expensive chocolates and goodies! And yes, looked at all the passing people…. looked at them hard.. stared at them. It was like we were treated to a red carpet fashion show. When the country’s culture look so beautiful, it is beautiful from the outside.

This country is a different level of posh, the highest level possible. No one ever shout, or frown.

The memory of our first time in Switzerland is like a memory of a perfect kiss. Blissful. Sweet. Peaceful.

At Zurich!

Need we say more?