Atlas is a Myth! 

 Atlas wasn’t forced to hold up the world. He was convinced that if he didn’t, the world would fall.

Atlas is the Titan God of Astronomy and Endurance. Endurance? Who endures astronomy? Astronomy is an exploration, a fascination for all of us, the endless journey into the unknown and timeless magnificence.

Astronomy should be an endless and timeless exploration. Not an endless and timeless endurance.

Yet, somehow, Greek mythology managed to tame the wild and free souls of ancient people. As early as those ages, we are scared to have unlimited boundaries to explore, so we bury ourselves with the preconceived irony of life.

God of Astronomy and Endurance. Yes, you have the capacity to explore yet you should choose to stay put and hold up the world otherwise, if the world would fall then you are a failure at being god. You, Atlas, should endure the responsibility of the world! 

But, hey, it’s your choice! You are God of Astronomy, you can explore the universe. But remember. You are also God of Endurance! Don’t enjoy exploring too much that you forgot to endure and suffer with your responsibilities to the world.

See the ironic sense there? We do. It’s very obvious. We see it in all patterns in life.

Each of us have become our own version of “Atlas”. We hold the world in a certain standard because we were told to, expected to. Otherwise, the world would fall flat to our faces with shame and embarrassment. We all have responsibilities, we all need to hold up the world. Otherwise, the world would fall. The people around us would crumble.

We are all raised to conformance. Raised to follow a certain pattern in life set by our parents, by our religion, by school and by society. We get so molded by norms, rules, commandments, expectations that being a good person means full compliance. 

Being human, we all scream to be free, to be wild, yet we are tamed to conformance. We are tamed to follow order.

Yet, we are always reminded by the same institutions who mold us that we are free. That everything we are now is because of our choices!

And yes! Like Atlas, we all believe that we are free to choose the life we want. This seems like an immense illusion?

Yes but there is a bigger illusion. The real illusion is not the free choices we make in life, the bigger illusion is the world falling, people around us crumbling! The odds of those happening depends how we look at the illusion of our roles in carrying the world.

If Atlas only learn to let go of the world, the world would carry him and continue its rotation and revolution, playing its part in the Universe.

Nobody should carry the world on its shoulder. Nobody can.

Our existence in this world is important. It is. Because it is unique! Nobody is responsible for our existence but ourselves.

We are responsible for our own choices, for our own way of living life. If we screw it up, then we only have ourselves to blame.

See that highest peak in the world, Mt. Everest? It’s within anybody’s reach! Especially for this kid!

That is way more scary right? To be responsible for our own decisions? Then we have no one to blame? Can’t blame our parents, our religion, our school, our society? If we stood our ground and live the life we always wanted, and we fail, that is a huge slap to our faces.

Why risk those odds? Let’s just conform and be the majority. Let’s continue holding the world, because the world will not fall and we will be safe and conforming.

For our family and with our travel goals, Turknoy Travel 100, we choose to let go of the world and enjoy the view of the world’s rotation and revolution, as it should be.

We aim to travel. A lot.

We don’t send the kids to school because we believe in learning, not indoctrination.

We do not belong to any religion, we believe in God strongly.

Our ways and means of parenting are frown upon by elders and society, we listen, to them but we make our own decisions based on the uniqueness of our children.

Our children are unique individuals. Parents are happily together with similar goals in life yet we cherish the differences in our personalities. Who we evolved to be will be based on how each one of us wanted to evolve.

Everybody is unique. We can’t carry someone else’s responsibilities for themselves. Not family. Not school. Not religion. Nobody.

With eyes wide open, we love every moment of our lives. That very scary part, we are willing to face. If the world drops, which we believe it won’t, the blame is on us. That’s cool. Tell us, “We told you so.. “ and we will just say back, “It was worth our while!”

The world is there to be explored, not to stay on our shoulder and treat as a burden.

That is one mythology we are willing to tell to our kids.


“Make Voyages . Attempt Them. There’s Nothing Else. “

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