One Family’s Logic is Another Family’s Crazy!

A fish cannot drown in water,

bird does not fall in air.

In the fire of creation,

God doesn’t vanish:

The fire brightens.

Each creature God made

must live in its own true nature;

How could I resist my nature,

That lives for oneness with God?

 by Mechthild of Magdeburg  (1207 – 1297)

It’s theological. It’s in the Holy Book (insert any religion.) Even obvious. It’s common sense. It’s cliché. Each one of us is unique. We all know this, don’t we?

Every vein of our body is like our fingerprints, whispering to our inner self our true nature, our passion, the reason we are alive. It consumes us whether we allow it or not.

Yet, our society is mass-producing us, submitting us to compliance and if we do not comply with their expectations like school, religion, eight-hour job, retirement funds, marriage, lifestyle, we are going to be labelled “crazy.”

Perceived crazy people used to get burned alive in the witches olden times. Lucky for our Turknoy family, the only fire we will experience is the fire of passion burning in our hearts, mind and entire being. We intend to live out of people’s expectations but chase our unique calling in this life. Together with our Turknoy kids.

When our family first travelled to Europe, we didn’t even tell any other family members both from Turkish side or Filipino side. There are a lot of considerations from both culture, involving financial and emotional acceptance factors mainly.

Turknoy dad just lost his job. It was in the middle of international economic crisis. We just had our third baby and new things brought about by the new family member didn’t even settle just yet.

We just wanted so badly to see what’s out there for our family. Living our family life became so monotonous of talking about living life. We wanted to stop talking and actually live our life.

There will always be reasons, circumstances which will stop us from doing what we love. We had to start somewhere.

We booked our travel, arranged visa requirements and just left to travel to our first family adventure. That simple.

For the three weeks we were seeing new places, our family couldn’t be happier. Laughter so loud we never even thought of possible of hearing from kids, fights we were happy to observe over trivial travel matters, awkward sleeping arrangements and deep, happy, contented slumber!

We were in bliss finding our elements. We were seeing new things. We were chasing our passion.

It does make a lot of sense for us. It doesn’t have to make sense to other families.

Being free from the thought of making society and people, family members included, understand why we do what we do is a huge step to enjoy and work towards our travel goals.

We are all unique. Our Turknoy family intends to travel to different countries and continents while celebrating our uniqueness as individual and as family.

Fish can’t drown in the water, birds does not fall in air. Crazy! 

The family with itchy feet explores the world together !

15 thoughts on “One Family’s Logic is Another Family’s Crazy!

  1. I love your family travel goals. Much like ours, we would like to see the wonders of the world together, as a family. There is no better way to appreciate it rather than with loved ones right?

  2. You’ve been to many places, spreading your craziness and uniqueness. On a serious note, I wish too that my family can travel the world like you.

    1. Thank you. We believe that it’s all about setting out our family intentions out there because of Law of Attraction and good old setting life goals. ❤️ We wish the same for your family.

  3. I think everyone has a little bit of crazy in them. It really doesn’t matter what other people say. What we do with our families is nobody else’s business but ours.

  4. Yes, it is quite contradicting that while most ads encourages us to be unique and standout, the rest of the world urges us to conform and go with the flow. I’d say, listen to your heart and chase that what makes you happy and forget the rest of the world! I wish your beautiful family more adventures! ^_^

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