COUNTRY 34: The Netherlands, The Original Cool. Cool!

“Een mens zijn zin is een mens zijn leven.” – Dutch Proverb

His own desire leads every man.

Fast forward to today, so very happy with The Netherlands, his country is really the coolest. Hint hint.. renewed our family’s Schengen visas up to our passports’ validity! Hooray for not queueing in embassies and agencies for the next years to go to Europe! Thank you Netherlands!

Side note – oh yes, we do those kind of things having Turknoys (Turkish + Pinoy) passports! It takes expertise to visit embassies and deal with foreign diplomats to enter first world countries!

Oh well, The Netherlands! We’ve seen this country two times and we can’t get enough!

There’s something about Dutch sense of humor that keeps us very amused in this country.

Scene at the airport. Our first entry experience, it’s a mom-daughter travel so cut us some slack.

Turknoy Mom to Information: Uum where is the Bus Stop.

Information Desk: THERE, To the Right, follow the big bold sign that says…”To Bus Stop..”

Never was I told “stupid” in the most tactful , subtle, yet very constructive way.

Experiences and scenarios like this around the country goes on. Imagine us in the tulip garden and museums asking the locals obvious questions and you’ll get our drift.

This is the only time that one shoe size fits all members of Turknoys

Next to sense of humor, there clarity. And with clarity, there’s ample room for innovation. We see that everywhere. Where else in the world that clogs can be very comfortable, functional and profitable? We rest our case.

#turknoys cheers to more windmills (and cheers to more walls – every family is different and that’s a great thing!) One thing is certain, the winds of change will keep blowing, let’s be ready and be merrily blown away! #setgoals #familygoals #goalsnotresolutions

Windmill and passion goes together in this country, too. Visualize that.

Amsterdam is pure passion!

We’ll keep coming back to The Netherlands for sure.

The Windmill and worldschooling – lots of innovation in between
His first trip with Mom – Holland

I really can’t play (but baby, it’s cold outside) Let’s put the kids away! (but baby, it’s cold outside)

Not going to lie, someday, when the kids think we’re not as cool as we used to be, unlike the timeless coolness of The Netherlands, we are going to a couple’s trip to this country. You know, just to be cool with each other following our inner desires. 🤣

Spring or winter we’ve been to both season and can’t decide which season we like best!

Have you been to Holland? Or other parts of The Netherlands? Do tell.

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