We Love This Part of the World in the Summer!

We have our reasons. When all expats from the Middle East are planning their escape from the desert heat, our family is rolling out our home activities and travel around GCC! We simply love this part of the world in the summer.

Yes, the summer at more than fifty degrees Celsius! What could be more exciting? Or boring depends on what perspective you are coming from. Imagine a day raising a gifted 7-year old, a rambunctious almost 4-year old and an equally active 1-year old and having the only the option of either indoor activities or heat stress. Life is simply glorious.

Last year, we finally kicked off our travel and off we went to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Might as well explore the neighboring countries. The summer discount is huge. Normally, we couldn’t afford our stay in The Palm Atlantis – in the summer, we can! We stayed in the fabulous hotel for three days and two nights and we were ecstatic!

enjoying summer at The Palm Atlantis
enjoying summer at The Palm Atlantis
There are loads to do in the Palm that we planned to just explore the place. We were very fortunate to have a friend in the area who were very willing to guide us around Dubai. Highlight of the tour outside Atlantis are exploring the tallest building in the world – The Burj Khalifa, and skiing in the desert during summer – how cool is that?  It was way TOO cool for us! It really does help to know someone in the area, reuniting with an old friend and free local guide! Perfect!

The tallest tower in the world
The tallest tower in the worldOn top of the world - Burj Khalifa

On top of the world – Burj Khalifa

The parents had a blast and the kids loved every minute of the trip. This trip actually inspired us to explore more! We intend to go back to United Arab Emirates to visit other cities. There is way too much to see.

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