COUNTRY 33: Belgium, The Place To Be .. Maybe? Really!

“It’s no use waiting for your ship to come in, unless you’ve sent one out.”-– Belgian Proverb

After our trip to Country 32, USA, we can’t wait to have another piece of European country. The differences between North America and Europe had been so glaring for all members of the family. Pluses and minuses for both region!

But we are biased about Europe! Where civilization and culture supposedly started, not tainted by consumerism and capitalism (not much, at least for our views and perspectives!)

Oh yes, Belgium! Few years back, we had a taste of Brussels as part our worldschooling and mother-daughter bonding. This time around, making it to Country No. 33  all family members visited together with pure joy and cold weather!

Can explaining Atoms to kids be this vivid, fun and interesting?

As much we really like Brussels, Bruges top of list as most beautiful European city! Amidst the rain and the very cold weather, we enjoyed leisure walk around the town with season merriment in the air!

The Turknoys filled with awe and joy in Bruges
Rainy or cold weather, the walk is  must do for this family with happy exploring feet!

After our statement of consumerism in US and getting a breathe of fresh air going to Europe, ironically, we went to Brussels and Bruges mainly to celebrate the Christmas season and we did! The Christmas markets, the late-night skating session, the food, the souvenirs – perfect complement to the majestic landscape and gorgeous classy museum-feel of both cities.

Similar with French food, there’s the rabbit steak for the adventurous like this traveling mom. Well, the Dad settled for good old chicken and fries.

We are what we eat, errmmm?


Belgium is like a chocolate elegantly wrapped. It’s exciting to unwrap and even more exciting to taste. And like all chocolates, never ever disappoint.

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