Turknoy Travels Philippines 100

Turknoy Travels Philippines 100 

Home Sweet Home Adventures Because … It Really Is More Fun in The Philippines!

1. Indang, Cavite (home sweet home!)  : Indang, Cavite: Kalamay, Severino De Las Alas and Bonifacio

2. Metro Manila (no words for comparison)

3. El Nido, Palawan (okay, this was for couple’s honeymoon, but one of the most memorable time for our family in Philippines, so we are counting this in!)

4. Boracay, Aklan (been there, done that, with mom pregnant so this counts as well)

5. Clark, Pampanga!

6. Laguna (hot springs!)

7. Batangas (dive, dive, dive with bulalo on the side!)

8. Puerto Galera, Mindoro (more diving!)