Turknoy Travels 100 Countries

Updated 9th May 2019 (35/100)


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain



First, here’s our rationale   Why 100?



100 Countries Travel Goal Progress


1. France (2013)                           France and the Many Firsts

2. Italy (2013)                               Italy and Dreams

3. Monaco (2013)                        Monaco – A Surreal Paradise

4. Vatican City (2013)                Vatican City State – “The Holy See.” The Papal Conclave and Way More 

5. Germany (2013)                      Germany, Castles of the Fairy Tale King, UNESCO Churches, German Sausages and Solo Travel

6. Austria (2013)                          Austria: Perfect Landscape Country With That 80-Year-Old Woman Biking Uphill Quite Passionately

7. Liechtenstein (2013)               Liechtenstein: The Prince and Us

8. Switzerland (2013)                   Switzerland – All of It

9. Nepal (2013)                              Nepal – Mt. Everest, Hinduism and A Whole Lot of Kindness 

10. Sri Lanka (2014)                     Sri Lanka: Our Perfect Cup of Tea

11. Maldives (2014)                       Maldives: An Indian Ocean Paradise

12. Sweden (2016)                         Sweden: From Freezing Snow Cold, Northern Lights to Almost Midnight Summer Sun   

13. Norway (2016)                        Norway: 2,407-km away from the North Pole!

14. Denmark (2016)                     Denmark: Where Life Seems to be a Real Fairy Tale

15. Bahrain (2016)                        Bahrain: Shortest Plane Ride, Middle East’s First Indoor Amusement Park, and World’s First Sustainable Skyscraper with Wind Turbines

16. Georgia  (2016)                       Georgia: Awesome Mountain Views and Turkey Way Back the 80s

17. Singapore (2016)                   Singapore: The Lion City

18. Malaysia (2016)                      Malaysia: Truly Asia!

19. Thailand (2016)                      Oh Thailand! You Are Really Amazing! #AmazingThailand Indeed!

Thailand is so amazing, our blog post with  our top five recommended must-do with kids  Thailand Part 2: Amazing Country  With Kids

20. Cambodia (2016)                  Kingdom of Cambodia and Angkor Wat (and so much more) With Kids 

21. Vietnam (2016)       Vietnam: A Timeless Charm and Yes, A Different Orient 

22. Ethiopia (2016)       Ethiopia, Land of Origins 

23. Finland (2017)         Finland and Dreams 

24. Estonia (2017)          Epic Estonia? Exactly!

25. Latvia (2017)      Latvia, Best Enjoyed Slowly (or Quick and …Dreamy) 

26. Lithuania (2017)   Lithuania, Real is Beautiful

27. India  (2017)         Incredible India 

28. Hungary (2017)     Hungary, More Than Expected 

In between goals, we take a closer look at countries we really enjoyed that first time– The  Second Time Around To Enjoy Austria’s Really Perfect Landscape and Those Innovative, Healthy, Creative, Fine-Looking People!

29. Slovakia  (2017)    Slovakia, The Little Big  Country

30. Czech Republic (2017) Czech Republic, The Land of Stories

(30 countries as part of 2017 annual goal – Achieved!)

31. Morocco (2017)   Morocco, The Land of Colors and So Much  Mor

32. United States of America (2017)  USA, All Within Your Reach

33. Belgium (2017)    Belgium, The Place To Be Maybe? Really! 

34.  The Netherlands (2017)  The Netherlands.. The Original Cool

::GOAL DETOUR ALERT 1:: 2018 realizes several goals within goals. Our travel timeline took a detour to places we’ve been! 

March 2018 – Oslo, Norway

June,  2018 –  Off we go visit home to Philippines!

September 2018 – France Take Two!

November 2018 –  Norway Take Three!

35.  Iceland (2018) –              Iceland, Really.. Inspired By Iceland 

::GOAL DETOUR ALERT  2:: Like our 2018 travel, 2019 is a year we  realize more dreams so we can achieve more country travel goals!  That  makes sense, right?!

February 2019- France Take Three!

April 2019 – Off we go home again, Philippines!

36. Booked (2019) 

37. Planned (2019)

38 – 50 (2020)

51-80 (2021)

81 – 100 (2022)

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100. Final Bucket List with Kids! Money Bank Started; Monthly Target Savings Set  (2022)