Turknoy Travels Turkey 100

Turknoy Travels Turkey 100 


Home Sweet Home Adventures.. Turkiye in our Hearts Always, Globally Yours!


1. Bosphorus Strait / Bosphorus Bridge ( Europe to Asia in few minutes, Europe overlooking Asia Continent , Asia Overlooking Europe continent – Could that BE anymore amazing?!)

2. Aya Sofya

3. Blue Mosque

4. Topkapi Palace

5. Kartal, Istanbul (okay, biased, home sweet home!)

6. Meryemana (the last house of Mama Mary – so awesome and cool!)

7. Ephesus

8. Pamukkale

9. Troia

10. Cappadocia (fairy chimneys!)

11. Cappadocia (hot air balloon ride over fairy chimneys!)

12. Cappadocia (CAVE HOTEL) – stayed under the cave – really!)

13. Antalya (that Mediterranean coastline is awesome!)

14. Perge

15. Philippine Embassy, Ankara (ahh the memories!)