Set goals. Live the Life You Imagined

I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed. – Robert H. Schuller

Our family can travel and not set goals. That’s actually how it’s usually done. We have 37 working days off for our annual leave not to mention the Region’s holidays. We can plan going on holidays for annually. We don’t have to set goals to traveling to 100 countries and 100 more landmarks for every country we call home – Qatar, Philippines and Turkey.

Dr. Seuss recommends setting goals! ❤️❤️

Yet, we believe that it is very important to define our quest, set our travel goals. If there is something we love more than traveling, it is setting goals.

Setting goals make us allocate our resources to our priorities. To be able to say No to all the good things that come along our way, and say Yes to what we really want in life.

Setting goals make us pick our own quest in life, not the ones dictated to us.

Setting goals is not going with the flow, it is realizing things no matter the flow, or the weather.

It makes our family look forward to a lot of things ahead. Waking up every day and monitoring our goal progress is a form of family bonding for us. The joy in planning, of what is possible, shared with family members, is happiness. It doesn’t have to cost anything at all.

It makes our family imagine all the possibilities. There are a lot!

It makes our family stretch our minds to what we think we are capable of doing. It makes us think highly of our future realities.

It also makes our family think of what we are NOT capable of doing and re- consider our goals every now and then.

Yet we stand firm to what we think we can accomplish. We can fail, yes, that could happen. However, we can also succeed and achieve our goals.

That would be something to be excited for every day.

Set goals. Live the life you imagined. It doesn’t have to be about travel. As long as it’s attempting to do something more than everyday life.

Set goals. Live the life you imagined.

Travel and setting goals. Easy. Important. Lifestyle. 

Live the Life You Always Imagined! Set Goals!


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