Falcons in Qatar

“Be motivated like the falcon,hunt gloriously.
Be magnificent as the leopard, fight to win.
Spend less time with nightingales and peacocks.
One is all talk, the other only color.”


One of the ‘touristy” thing to do in Qatar is see falcons. There are falcon shops located in  some of the Souqs  where in local and tourists hang out.

Up Close and Personal With Mr. Falcon

Falcon hunting is also a popular sports.

As a homeschooling family, we seek to attend to events like this to be  able to see locals mainly and to learn about anything – science, art, philosophy (to hunt or not to hunt), politics and sometimes, hunting weapons like  guns and knives, real up close.

This year ‘s Katara International Hunting & Falcons Exhibition gave our family lots of fun activities. Crowded with locals, we enjoyed all exhibitions, most of them hand ons even for kids. And of  course, lots of falcons.


Katara International Hunting and Falcon Exhibition – these girls had an awesome time! 💞

Studying the anatomy of falcons

Falcon’s blood analysis.
Art and birds go together

Falcons up for bid.
This Photo is 🇶🇦❤️

Would you attend a hunting exhibition with kids? 

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