Exploring Oslo, Norway: Grass Roots Square

“I see life as a passageway, with no fixed beginning or destination,” We tend to focus on the destination all the time and forget about the in-between spaces.” –Do Ho Suh quote during his colorful exhibition of structures to represent his experience of migration

It takes a creative city to create art structures that will have different meaning and impact to its residents and visitors. It takes a cosmopolitan city to create diverse art structures from international artists that sparks creativity.

Off our worldschoolers to hunt for the tiny little bronze statues in the city. They found it and didn’t count – 50,000 of them in total.

Expectation – tiny bronze statues, 50 thousand of them in total

Grass Roots Square was created by Korean-American artist Do Ho Suh. Some pavers in the square have been removed and replaced by tiny bronze statues, 50 thousand of them in total, ranging in height from 8-10cm. They’re standing together, interacting, and some of them are sharing the weight of paving stones. The project was designed and approved before the terror attacks, but somehow that makes the little people standing together in solidarity seem all the more poignant.

Turknoys Reality – counting them?!
tiny bronze statues, 50 thousand of them in total,
Now she’s part of this art!

It is our hope that contemporary art like this inspire our traveling kids that anything can be done to express creativity, that the world is a blank canvass for them to paint on.. or an empty pavement to install tiny little creations! Because no matter how tiny, there’s strength in numbers of trial and error.

Have you see the art of Do Ho Suh? Are you impressed?

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