COUNTRY 22: Ethiopia, Land of Origins

Do not hesitate or you will be left in between doing something, having something and being nothing. – Ethiopian Proverb

Woohoo! Our 3rd continent and our first  African country  to explore with kids. 

It maybe our love for discovering human history when our family travels that had drawn us in visiting Ethiopia. Our primary goal was to see Lucy, the 3.2 million years old fossil, probably the first evidence of humanity. The continent Africa is known as The Cradle of Humanity, then Ethiopia is its evidence repository.

Our Exploring Family with Lucy (model)
These traveling kids with Lucy!
As a worldschooling family who sets SMART goals to travel to 100 countries in all continents by 2022. This is our attempt to live life to the fullest with kids. Ethiopia is our first country in Africa (our third continent, 30th country visited, to date.
Ethiopia Tastes Awesomeeee!
When it comes to food and accommodation, we had the most unique experience in the country. Barely 4 hours away from Qatar, we were amazed with a totally different world. We definitely had a crash course in archeology and paleontology and how it works in the real world. Our three traveler kids had been to countless of Natural Museums in Europe and Asia yet we were impressed with somewhat “shabby” museum in Addis Ababa containing real human history treasures.

Look at our 5-year old, at home in a new continent ready to explore!
Lucy aside, here are 5 interesting facts about Ethiopia that everybody, yes, including kids, can appreciate:

1. Country History: Ethiopia is the only African country, which successfully fought against the scramble for Africa. It was never colonized, though Italians attempted to occupy it twice.

Ethiopia is a beautiful country worthy of independence.

2. UNESCO Heritage Sites: There are nine, day trips from Addis Ababa possible! Most famous sites are Lalibela twelve-rock-hewn churches. We visited Christian Orthodox churches which gave an interesting perspective for a family with both Islam and Catholic members.


3. Religion: Ethiopia appears in the Bible 45 times both in Old and New Testament.

Inside An Orthodox Christian Church

4. Origin of Coffee. Coffee is Ethiopian’s gift to the world. It was found in the Kaffa Region (South-Western Ethiopia.) Even before the visit, we are non-Starbucks coffee drinkers. Enjoying the real “coffee culture” experience in Addis Ababa with really strong and delicious coffee with local ceremonies

5. Abebe Bikila, a star Ethiopian marathon runner, won Africa’s first Olympic gold medal in 1960. Add in the country’s high elevation Addis Ababa is athletes’ heart’s working out paradise. Made us want to become runners and marathoners.

Street Soccer in Adus Ababa
Vast fresh air, massive wild… Ahhh life is perfect with a horse
And oh, more pluses — the Ethiopian women are really gorgeous and almost everybody is kind to tourists. Ethiopia is one of the safest country in Africa to visit. With low costs airlines flying to Addis Ababa almost every day from Doha, Qatar where our family’s currently based, for sure, we would be back for some backpacking with kids.

Take us back to Addis Ababa where kids run wild with the horse and dogs

20 thoughts on “COUNTRY 22: Ethiopia, Land of Origins

    1. Thank you. Big, crazy adventures we want. Although, we take a lot of planes, but yes, we have our family travel challenges of our own. Our family vision is to raise global kids, we do what we can. ❤️

  1. Wow! 30th country to visit! Amazing!

    I never knew Ethiopia is such a beautiful country to visit, it’s definitely not on most travelers bucket list, but thanks so much for opening my eyes!😊

    1. Now 30/100 countries weee! Though it’s really not about the number of countries. It’s more like to teach the kids the value of goal setting.

      Yes, to 🇪🇹 Ethiopia! We’ll definitely come back there. ❤️

  2. Wow I so love your travels, 30/100 already that’s so great. Ethiopia is one of those countries that I wanted to visit the least but reading your post makes we want to go there immediately. I have actually found an Ethiopain restaurant here in our place and I guess its the best time to try it.

  3. Wow. I’m speechless, this is your 30th! I bit these kids will grow up
    into knowledgeable and open-minded individuals. It amazes me how they are able to adjust to the place – temperature, food, surroundings, and the people quickly.

    1. Thank you. Our 22nd actually but completed 30th already. Blog has to catch up lol.

      We share the same sentiments how flexible and adaptable kids could be… if we all let them be themselves. We try to remember that everyday.

  4. OMGee!!! Your kids have the most awesome experiences. My only wish is that I can afford this, or at least even just a once year international trip. 😀 Anyway, would like to “meet” Lucy, too. hihi

  5. I’m Ethiopian American and I’m so happy to read that you enjoyed yourselves! The landscape, diversity, and FOOD are just amazing there! I hope you sharing your experience will influence more people to visit 🙂

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