Washington DC for Family Travel With Young Kids

“Washington DC is a city filled with people who believe they are important.” – David Brinkley 

Our traveling family enjoyed a long stroll of memorial,  in the country’s Capital District, of very important people who are foundation of The New World’s freedom. 

The White House area (not inside!) our first stop!

We started with paying a visit to the White House. The kids had a blast playing with squirrels at the La Fayette Garden.
The next day, we started our stroll at the Lincoln Memorial.

“I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed, but I am bound to live by the light that I have. ” – #AbrahamLincoln
We continued our walk down the other memorial and talked a lot about the Korean War Memorial and why freedom is never free. 

By the Korean Memorial
Add in the weather and it was a fantastic walk to Martin Luther King Memorial. 
Like Martin Luther King , she, too, has a dream!

It’s amazing to see a lot of familiar quotes in Franklin  Roosevelt Memorial and of course Eleanor Roosevelt and his dog are there. 

Theodore Roosevelt Memorial

And, opposite Lincoln Memorial is the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. 

Thomas Jefferson Memorial

We ended our stroll for the day with kids playing their hearts out by the Washington Monument where we have a good view of both sides of the Capitol Hill and the Lincoln Memorial. 

We made it to Washington Monument! Elevator to the top of the monument is still not working because of you know- Spider-Man movie. It’s under maintenance indefinite time. 😀
Now, this is some playground! 🤗

The highlight of walk would be the feee museums right after the Washington Monument.  We chose to visit the National Museum of Air and Space. The kids had a blast with a lot of jaw-dropping moments looking up st airplanes and rockets. 

A long walk has to end with airplanes!
The day after, we started from Union State to the Capitol Hill and spending the rest of the day in the American Indian National Museum.

The Capitol Hill

There are other museums to enjoy in the area. We chose to learn a little bit of Native American history and the kids enjoyed with the handson activities and videos in the museum. 

Inside the Native American National Museum
As a home educating family, living in the city would be fabulous with all the available museums. At the moment, we can only dream. 

Do you live in Washington DC? Is it as fabulous as we think it is? Talk about family satisfaction.  🤗

11 thoughts on “Washington DC for Family Travel With Young Kids

  1. What a wonderful family trip! Washington DC is on our family’s to visit list but we just haven’t made it there yet. There is so much history and it’s so beautiful. Lota of great memories to be made!

  2. We took our kids in september and we absolutely loved it. We stayed in an amazing Airbnb and loved that all the museums and memorials are free! So cool!

  3. Oh you homeschool too? That’s great! So do we. Anyway, I’ve only heard of Capitol Hill and all those places in Designated Survivor and other TV series (and movies, haha!). But would be fascinating to go there. What does it say in the Korean memorial? We have one in Luneta here too that talks about how the Filipinos and the Koreans fought together in the Korean war years ago.

    1. Yes, we are homeschooling family since 2012 and loving every moment with our three kids.

      There are Filipino soldier mentions in the Korean Memorial. There’s also a quote about “Freedom is not free.” with names of soldiers who fought the Korean War. It’s a beautiful memorial with fresh flowers but nothing specific about Korean War. All these War memorials we visited in the US makes us sad really. Way too many.

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