Halloween Howl For Kids  in Burlington, Vermont 

“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this may come. ” – William Shakespeare, Macbeth 

Wonder Woman / Amazon Woman/ Traveling Woman

Okay, the traveling parents caved in with the kids with regards to participating in a Halloween party while in USA. It’s not that we don’t celebrate Halloween. It’s not that  we agree that it’s anti- religion nor anti-God. It may be a country tradition but how we see it is more like a commercial manipulation while waiting for Thanksgiving and Christmas season. Bring on the pumpkins, the season spices, costumes and gazillion candies and the retailers had October and November sales covered. 
Boy, did we see how customers shopped and crammed getting the costumes. It’s part of what made us want to be part of it – better to experience it once, rather than be nagging on the edge of being bitter about it every year. So, off we celebrate Halloween, kids costumes, party and sweets! 
Shopping done At Party City

Having said that, we choose a free Halloween event and oh boy, did we enjoy.. and the kids, too! It’s a family event in a great weather with friendly awesome people by Lake Champlain. It’s a fabulous event.  We are very glad to joined. 
Halloween Howl in Burlington, Vermont is a spooktakular good time on a hay ride and wandering through the haunted walk with costume contest, music and games! 

Give it up to these spontaneous traveling parents – we planned attending the Halloween event early in the morning and attended late afternoon, not without a couple selfie 👫

Captain America with Dragon Slayer Ninja, Wonder Woman and Pink Power Rangers – Turknoy Travellers! 😘❤️
These traveling kids enjoying the scary walk along the park. Superheroes inside out!

Feels  like superheroes walking around in the park, the forest, by the lake and in bouncy castle, that’s one awesome afternoon spent in Burlington, Vermont. 

Nature and Halloween really goes together… with little bit of scare here and there, of course!
Turknoy Travels 100 in character for the day!

Our family members in character while  one in nature is a perfect way to celebrate   an awesome Halloween Howl in Burlington, Vermont.

What’s your Halloween plan? Do share Halloween traditions you do with your family

64 thoughts on “Halloween Howl For Kids  in Burlington, Vermont 

  1. My daughter also would love to be the wonder woman once she saw the costumes last week..but too bad i dont buy it for her..haha..neway its a great way to spend time with ur kids..

  2. Looks really Fun outing. I loved your super man dress and hope you enjoyed it a lot. Great that you are spending your precious time with your precious kids 🙂

  3. What a fun time your family had. Halloween does not have to mean anything deep but another excuse for the family to enjoy and create memories.

  4. This looks like a fun time! I just love all the costumes. Especially the Wonder Woman one. We plan on going Trick-Or-Treating at 6 in the neighborhood.

  5. Wonderful sharing. Although most of my people in my country dont celebrate Halloween, but i love reading your article. The Halloween costumes look super nice on the kids as well. Hope i can experience Halloween net year 🙂

    1. Yes, we don’t celebrate Halloween from the country where we are based, too. It’s part of our worldschooling where we aim to understand traditions around the world.

  6. The kids look great. I’m sure they had fun and mom and dad enjoyed seeing them smile. We do get dressed up and trick or treat here every year.

  7. The costumes are cute! I thought there would be a lot more Wonder Woman’s this year! That’s what I’d have picked if I was still a girl. 🙂

  8. Sadly I was not able to celebrate Halloween this year but I love the Halloween costume and the Halloween costume contest and the haunted walk sounds like so much fun x

  9. this is so lovely! Wish we actually had this kind of trend in Malaysia..usually it’s just the adults who dress up…and go for drinks and stuff…

  10. Too bad we don’t have this Halloween celebration in Malaysia! I always want to dress up and celebrate this Halloween with friends too =) The Wonder Woman outfit is so cool!

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